North Atlantic LCC News

North Atlantic LCC Annual Report highlights conservation in action

Our 2016 Annual Report highlights progress in priority areas identified by our partnership -- Aquatic Connectivity, Coastal and Community Resilience, At-Risk Species, Landscape Conservation Initiatives, and Science Delivery -- through stories showing how people are using data and tools to advance their work in conservation.

Coastal Review Online features LCC-supported habitat inventories

A project to inventory modifications to beach and tidal inlet habitats from Maine to Virginia before and after Hurricane Sandy, and three years after post-storm recovery efforts, has been highlighted by a news service that focuses on the coastal issues in North Carolina.

Looking at wetland restoration through the lens of resilience

A new report released by partners at the Mid-Atlantic Regional Council on the Ocean and the Environmental Law Institute catalogs best practices for identifying and prioritizing wetland restoration efforts to optimize community risk reduction and resilience in the face of climate change.