Announcing the Spring 2017 Talks from NE CSC

Thursday, January 26, 2017

From February to April, we will host talks by researchers and resource managers who have increased our understanding of the impact climate change will have on natural and cultural resources and how to improve decision making and adaptation planning. 

These talks highlight the NE CSC-funded projects that have shared climate science with resource stakeholders, made regional information relevant at the local scale for managers and decision makers, and brings us insight into the Northeast's wildlife and ecosystems vulnerability to changing climate conditions.  


If you missed talks from last semester, check out our webinars archives page where you can watch the recorded talks from our webinar series, “Engaging Stakeholders in Climate Adaptation.”  Topics last year ranged from coastal phenology to decision support tools for managing stream fish habitats, ice sheet dynamics, projected expansion of forest pest species, and how our researchers navigate uncertainty in climate model projections to support decision-making.