Contributions Made by Our Communications Interns

Friday, June 10, 2016
Project Map Created by Emma Thomas

Project Map Created by Emma Thomas

Two of our communications interns, Emma Thomas and Sarah Muellejans graduated from UMass this spring. Both of these students were instrumental in the behind-the-scenes communications and information management in the NE CSC, having a hand in creating several products that came from the center.  

Sarah and Emma contributed to keeping the public informed of what the NE CSC does and the information generated by research projects in our region.

Emma, from Somerville MA, graduated with a B.S. in Physics and a minor in Geology. She worked on several projects, including creating maps for the NE CSC project pages, saying they “were challenging because they involved navigating a variety of software that didn’t always work well together.” However her hard work paid off with wonderful results. Emma also edited webinars for the archives and created fellows videos.  Emma spent a large amount of her time here updating the library to keep it up to date, as well as updating the other important documents that keep track of the activity and output of the NE CSC. She said her favorite part of being a communications intern was “getting a broad sense of the climate research going on at UMass and learning about the logistics of the research world.” Emma will be attending graduate school at the URI Graduate School of Oceanography.


Sarah, from Northampton MA, graduated with a B.S. in Environmental Conservation, a Studio Arts minor, and a certificate in Sustainable Foods and Farming. “Working as a communications intern at the NE CSC gave me the opportunity to combine my passion for environmental stewardship and protection, with my love of writing and my background in visual arts,” and with those skills she worked on video projects, overcoming glitches and difficulties, while gaining new skills along the way. The projects were “at times challenging, but overall these projects were very rewarding.” She worked on videos with Paul Damkot and Bill DeLuca. Sarah also worked on write-ups for fellow highlights, as well as designs for the layout of the Annual Report and several one-pagers. Sarah will be working at the UMass Permaculture Gardens over the summer and beginning the search for internships and jobs related to her passions and studies at UMass.



We wish Emma and Sarah all the best as they continue to work for the betterment of the environment on their separate paths, and thank them for everything they did to help the NE CSC.

By Kady Woods, NE CSC Communications Intern, UMass Amherst