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Monday, August 29, 2016

NE CSC's Toni Lyn Morelli was put to the test to convey the importance of her reserach in a unique setting:  A stand-up comedy show!  Paula Poundstone visited Northampton, Massachusetts, where she asked Toni Lyn to explain what she does for a living before a sold-out crowd.

Communicating your research – A mental obstacle course
August 29, 2016     TONI LYN MORELLI

I recently had an experience that felt like the mental equivalent of a hot, muddy, exhausting, physically scarring, and obstacle-filled endurance Bone Frog Challenge race that I ran a couple years ago. Only this time I was comfortably seated in an auditorium.

I was at a Paula Poundstone stand-up comedy show.  You may know her from her guest appearances on the NPR news quiz show “Wait, wait! Don’t tell me!”, but she’s been doing stand-up comedy for decades. She was hilariously entertaining, full of up-to-date material and interesting insights.  Perhaps most impressive was her ability to work the crowd and turn their comments into comedy on the spot.  At one point she asked who had recently used Powerpoint at work and, before I knew it, she was asking me about what I do for a living in front of a sold-out crowd.  Read More >> 


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