Early Career Climate Forum Celebrates One-Year Anniversary

Tuesday, July 5, 2016

See what has culminated in a steady stream of resources for early career climate scientists.  "When we relaunched the ECCF a year ago, we wondered how our products would be adopted by the Climate Science Center community. A year later, we are pleasantly surprised by our success and can’t help but thanking all of you for the support and enthusiasm that has fueled our accomplishments,”  writes NE CSC’s Science Coordinator, Michelle Staudinger

The new ECCF celebrates its one-year anniversary!

By Michelle Staudinger, July 5, 2016



The Early Career Climate Forum
See what other early career scientists and professionals are saying about their work, opportunities and experiences in the posting of contributed blogs on the Early Career Climate Forum. In addition to the latest blogs you can also find lots of interesting climate news, and job opportunities coming through this online forum.
The Early Career Climate Forum is a science-based, unbiased venue for communication, collaboration, and professional development for early career scientists working on climate change. The primary purpose of the ECCF is to support and build a national network of early career scholars, provide an online platform to facilitate and increase information sharing and networking across the DOI CSCs and consortium institutions. The recent update to the forum was made possible in part by the Northeast Climate Science Center funded project “Early Career Climate Communications and Networking”.
The website and related products include a climate-focused blog with weekly posts from regular and guest writers; an interactive discussion board on climate, adaptation, and early-career focused discussion for members; information on career resources including climate-related job boards, listservs, professional development resources, fellowship opportunities, and writing and communication tools.
The ECCF also provides an email listserv that allows dissemination of information to members about new research, funding opportunities, and career resources. Climate-related career resources, webinar announcements, requests for proposals, or communication tools can be shared with the ECCF community by sending an email directly to the ECCF listserv: eccforum-listserv@eco.umass.edu. Those interested in joining the listserv or that have questions can contact the ECCF at info@eccforum.org.
ECCF Mission
To serve as a neutral venue for communication, collaboration, and professional development for members and supporters, primarily those affiliated with DOI Climate Science Centers, and to be an accessible outlet, forging bridges between people who study climate and its social-ecological impacts, with others who wish to learn about climate science.