Fellows present at AGU!

Monday, December 9, 2013

Several of our NE CSC Fellows are traveling to San Francisco this week to participate in the American Geophysical Union Fall Meeting.  There will be a variety of NE CSC presentations on climate modeling, ecosystems, and natural resources across the Northeast region.  If you're at AGU this week, stop by and say hi!

Investigating the impacts of climate change on stream temperature in the Northeast US (GC23C-0954)  Lynn Brennan; Richard N. Palmer; Austin Polebitski; Eleonora M. Demaria
Session: Water, Climate Variability, and the Anthropocene II Posters

The Northeast Climate Science Center (GC13C-1108) Mary J. Ratnaswamy; Richard N. Palmer; Toni Lyn Morelli; Michelle Staudinger; Addie R. Holland
Session: Climate Change Adaptation and Mitigation II Posters

Climate Change Impacts on Snow and Soil Frost Depth and Duration in Southern Wisconsin, USA (H31H-1307) Evan A. Murdock; Kenneth W. Potter
Session: Water Resources and Water Quality under Changing Climate and Land Use IV Posters

Bias-corrections on regional climate simulations over the northeastern United States (GC43C-1060) Liang Ning; Raymond S. Bradley
Session: General Circulation Model Downscaling for Impact, Vulnerability and Adaption Assessments: Methodologies and Applications II Posters

A Test of Climate Change Refugia in Montane Meadow Systems (GC13C-1100)  Toni Lyn Morelli; Sean P. Maher; Craig Moritz; Steven R. Beissinger (not funded by the NE CSC)
Session: Climate Change Adaptation and Mitigation II Posters