Hemlock: A Forest Giant on the Edge

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Eastern hemlocks at Harvard Forest's Slab City wildland. Photo by David Foster.

For millennia, Eastern Hemlock trees have held irreplaceable cultural value and created unique forest habitat across New England. Today, they are disappearing from our forests, falling by the tens of thousands as prey to an exotic insect foe. Drawing from a century of long-term studies at the Harvard Forest, the authors explore what hemlock's modern decline can tell us about the challenges facing nature and society in an era of habitat fragmentation, climate change, and shifting human priorities. Historical accounts of foresters and ecologists over the past century provide insights into the tree's importance and the nature of science itself. 

Edited by David R. Foster
Written by Anthony D'Amato, Benjamin Baiser, Aaron M. Ellison, David Foster, David Orwig, Wyatt Oswald, Audrey Barker Plotkin, and Jonathan Thompson; Stephen Long, Consulting Editor 

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