NE CSC Welcomes Olivia LeDee as Deputy Director

Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Olivia LeDee, NE CSC Deputy Director

Olivia LeDee is joining us as the Deputy Director of the NE CSC based in St. Paul, Minnesota. 

Prior to joining the NE CSC, Olivia was with the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources in the Division of Fish & Wildlife as a planning and policy consultant.  She has worked closely with state agencies in the Midwest to address issues related to climate change and emerging threats to wildlife and natural systems.  In addition to finding solutions for the impacts climate change has on wildlife, Olivia has worked in planning, public engagement, decision analysis, natural resource policy, and conservation funding.

We are excited to welcome Olivia to our family of researchers, natural resource managers, and climate adaptation planners in the NE CSC!

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