New Publication: Rising Sea Levels Confronting the Inevitable

Tuesday, March 5, 2019

Credit: NPS report Sea Level Rise and Storm Surge Projections for the National Park Service

    Sea-level rise (SLR) is not just a future trend; it is occurring now in most coastal regions across the globe. This paper, part of NE CASC project Sea Level Rise and Its Impacts, outlines the evolution in sea level rise scenarios and considers low-probability but high-consequence outcomes. 

  Reviewing efforts to understand regional scenarios by combining local mean sea-level changes with extreme water level projections, this publication offers perspectives on key issues relevant to the future uptake, interpretation, and application of sea-level change scenarios in decision-making. These perspectives help decision-makers to craft standards and guidance for preparedness and resilience measures to reduce the risk of coastal flooding and other impacts related to sea level rise.

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