Notes from the Field: Camping in Snow in June

Wednesday, June 22, 2016
Photo: Carol Patton

Photo: Carol Patton

NE CSC Research Ecologist Toni Lyn Morelli recently took a trip to Devils Postpile National Monument, part of a climate change refugium in the Sierra Nevada of California.  

Under freezing temperatures (and eventually sleet and snow), she and researchers from U.C. Berkeley, USGS, and the National Park Service camped and conducted surveys of the resident small mammals (such as the high-elevation Belding's ground squirrel, below). Toni Lyn is helping scientists and natural resource managers understand the biodiversity in the area in the context of historical records and future expectations.  Results will be used to inform actions to manage the area as an area buffered from, and thus more resistant to, climate change.

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