Project Completed: Development of a Wildlife Adaptation Menu for Resource Managers

Tuesday, April 28, 2020

A team lead by NE CASC deputy federal director Olivia LeDee has completed the project "Development of a Wildlife Adaptation Menu for Resource Managers".

Although scientists have identified many ways to reduce the negative effects of climate change on wildlife, this information is not readily available to natural resource managers. For successful wildlife adaptation to climate change, natural resource managers should have current, peer-reviewed information to guide their decisions. For this project, Olivia LeDee and her collaborators conducted a review of over 1300 publications for recommendations to manage wildlife in the face of climate change. The team then summarized the findings as the Wildlife Adaptation Menu, a tool to inform planning and decision-making in an accessible format.

To date, the menu has informed the development of 27 wildlife adaptation projects and will be further shared with natural resource managers in the Northeast Climate Adaptation Science Center/Northern Forest Station region through workshops, meetings, and web portals.

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