Caroline Ladlow

NE CASC Graduate Fellow
Master’s Candidate

Consortium Institution: 

University of Massachusetts


Department of Geosciences


B.S.: Geoscience, Lafayette College, 2016
B.A.: Environmental Studies, Lafayette College, 2016


Research Assistant, Umass Amherst, 2017-2018
Teaching Assistant, Umass Amherst, 2017-2018
Recreation Use Surveyor and Trail Crew, U.S. Forest Service, 2016
Engineering Scientific Technical Intern, PA DEP, 2015
EXCEL Scholar, Lafayette College, 2014
Teaching Assistant, Lafayette College, 2013-2016

Research Interests: 

I am a geologist interested in using sediments from various systems to better understand how they will adapt to climate change. I have been studying storms to investigate how their frequency is changing, and how ecosystems like marshes accumulate sediment to see how they may adapt as sea level rises.


Mejía, L. M., Méndez-Vicente, A., Abrevaya, L., Lawrence, K. T., Ladlow, C., Bolton, C., ... & Stoll, H. (2017). A diatom record of CO 2 decline since the late Miocene. Earth and Planetary Science Letters, 479, 18-33.
Waite, A. J., Martin, E. E., Lawrence, K. T., Ladlow, C. G., & Newkirk, D. (2014, December). The Closure History of the Central American Seaway and its Relationship to Ocean Circulation and Climate. In AGU Fall Meeting Abstracts.