A Decisions Support Mapper for Conserving Stream Fish Habitats of the NE CSC Region

Project Type: 
Stakeholder-Identified Research Project
Fiscal Year: 
Project Leader: 
Research Partners: 
Dana Infante, Michigan State University; Jana Stewart, USGS Water Science Center; Joanna Whittier, University of Missouri; and Tyler Wagner, USGS PA Cooperative Fish & Wildlife Research Unit
Science Themes: 

To integrate results of a current condition habitat assessment of stream habitats that accounts for fish response to human land use, water quality impairment, and fragmentation by dams with estimates of future stream habitats that may change with climate.  This was accomplished by 1) Characterization of the current condition of stream fish habitats throughout the NE CSC region based on responses of target fish species to a diverse set of landscape-scale disturbances; 2) Identification of stream reaches predicted to change with climate and likely to change distributions of target fish species throughout the region; and 3) Development of a spatially-explicit web-based decision support viewer showing measures of current landscape condition along with estimates of changes in habitat that may occur with changes in climate.

Final Report: 

-final report is pending-

  • Webinar - FishTail: a decision support tool for assessing the conservation status of stream fish habitats in the NE CSC region presented by Wesley M. Danial, Nick Sievert and Jana Stewart.  October 12, 2016
  • Webinar - NE CSC Fish Habitat Data Viewer Planning - May 7, 2014: https://necsc.umass.edu/webinars/ne-csc-fish-habitat-data-viewer-planning
  • Departmental seminar given on April 4th in Columbia, MO by Dr. Krueger
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  • Sievert, N. An Assessment of Potential Changes in Habitat Classes Due to Climate Change in the Northeast Climate Science Center Region. Midwest Fish and Wildlife Conference. Grand Rapids, Michigan January 2016. 
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