Regional Effort on Invasive Species and Climate Change (RISCC) Management

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Core Research Project
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Invasive species and climate change represent two of the five major global change threats to ecosystems.  An emerging initiative of the Northeast Climate Science Center aims to develop management-relevant research to improve invasive species management in the face of climate change.  Through working groups, information sharing and targeted research, this project addresses the information needs of invasive species managers in the context of climate change. RISCC Management is collaboratively led by the Department of Interior Northeast Climate Science Center, the New York Invasive Species Research Institute, and the University of Massachusetts to address the question “How can we manage for upcoming biological invasions in the light of climate change?”  The working group combines climate and invasive species scientists with invasive species managers and policy makers from the northeast to promote a two-way dialogue to 1) share regional knowledge about current management strategies and scientific insights; and 2) identify and address planning and information needs of managers related to invasive species and climate change.

Partners on this project include:  New York Invasive Species Research Institute, University of Massachusetts, Maine Natural Areas Program,iMap Invasives/Natural Heritage Program, USDA Forest Service Northern Research Station, Massachusetts Office of Coastal Zone Management, Adirondack Park Partnership for Invasive Species Management, USA National Phenology Network, North Atlantic LCC, The Nature Conservancy, NYC Environmental Protection Bureau of Water Supply, Vermont Department of Forests Parks & Recreation, Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection, NEIWPCC