Wildlife Adaptation Menu

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Chris Hoving (Michigan Department of Natural Resources), Benjamin Zuckerberg (University of Wisconsin-Madison), Stephen Handler (U.S. Forest Service/ Northern Institute of Applied Climate Science), Chris Swanston (U.S. Forest Service/ Northern Institute of Applied Climate Science)
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The Climate Change Response Framework  (www.forestadaptation.org) is a collaborative approach to create a set of tools, partnerships, and actions to support climate-informed conservation and land management. Historically, this effort has focused on the needs of forest managers and forestry professionals. In recent years, there has been increasing demand to address climate change adaptation in wildlife management and conservation. Not only do managers need the best available science, it must also be presented in a usable format with feasible options within the purview of an individual manager. We will first complete a comprehensive review of peer-reviewed studies to summarize what management actions currently exist in climate change adaptation. We will then develop and test a menu of climate change adaptation actions that are suitable for wildlife management in terrestrial ecosystems. The Wildlife Adaptation Menu will be modeled off existing adaptation menus for Forestry and Urban Forestry, and it will be designed to be used in conjunction with the Adaptation Workbook. In addition to a menu of adaption strategies and approaches, we will also identify site-level tactics and develop case studies demonstrating the use of the menu and implementation. To ensure that information and tools meets the needs of managers, we involve and integrate input from wildlife managers at every step of the process. Managers will be involved in scoping (3 discussion groups in MN, WI, and MI), menu testing (1-2 workshops), and implementation (3-4 case studies). In addition, The project will be completed in Fall 2018.