Beyond Apocalypse: Centering Justice in Climate Education and Activism

Wednesday, February 9, 2011 - 2:30pm
Betsy Hartmann - Population and Development Program / Hampshire College, School of Critical Social InquiryKatie McKay - Population and Development Program

In this talk Betsy Hartmann and Katie McKay Bryson of the Population and Development Program (PopDev) at Hampshire College will describe their work to bridge divides between educators and activists as well as between different social movements to build a stronger constituency for justice-centered climate policies in the United States. PopDev’s climate-related activities include college courses, high school curricular materials, scholarly and popular publications, and workshops and convenings that bring students, activists and policymakers together. PopDev has a critical perspective on apocalyptic population and security narratives about climate change that place blame on poor people and immigrants from the Global South. Instead, our organization promotes a positive vision of change grounded in reproductive and environmental justice, as well as in the belief that only a fundamentally diverse climate movement can achieve effective and equitable climate policy in the U.S.