"Shifting Seasons: Tribal Communities Fostering Resiliency to Climate Change"

Wednesday, March 14, 2012 - 3:30pm
Melissa Cook, Sustainable Development Institute DirectorBeau Mitchell, Sustainabilty CoordinatorMike Dockry, Forest Service Liaison

American Indian Tribes have continuously adapted to changing climates, culturally, physically, and politically, for thousands of years by adapting their lifestyles and cultural practices to their changing environment. Contemporary climate variability and changes on American Indian Tribes are again necessitating adaptation. Our presentation aims to share our understanding and our efforts as it relates to climate change and its impact on American Indian communities and lands. We will share stories of how Tribal Colleges are leading efforts that build resilience to climate change in their tribal communities; sharing our story of College of Menominee Nation’s Sustainable Development Institute.

Tribal Communities-Tribal Colleges Building Resiliency to Climate Change - Melissa Cook and Beau Mitchell
College of Menominee Nation and its Sustainable Development Institute - Melissa Cook
Sustainable Development Institute and Climate Related Efforts - Beau Mitchell
American Indian Forestry Facing Climate Variability and Change - Mike Dockry