Climate Projections and Assessments


Science Theme 1:  Climate Projections and Assessments 

Temperature, precipitation, and related observational records provide a century or more of data on climate variability and change in the Northeastern and Midwestern United States.

To get the best climate projections for the future, our researchers are utilizing paleoclimate data such as sediments cores, tree rings, and other sources, These offer an even longer perspective that can be used to evaluate modern climate shifts as well as characterize past baselines of earth-system behavior in the region.

The combination of different temporal data (decadal to million year scales) types reveals the strong role of natural variability in the region, and the fact that human activities are shifting climate statistics which can be utilized to build on existing climate models that are specifically tailored to the geographical domain of stakeholders in the NE CASC region.


 Key Areas of Climate Data Generation 

  • Projections of climate extremes, primarily temperature and rainfall extremes 
  • Spatial distribution of climate data at various scales, ranging from local to national scales
  • Information on how hydrological systems will change as temperature, precipitation, and extreme events change
  • Projections of sea level rise and changes in the frequency and intensity of coastal flooding

Explore our Expertise 

Raymond Bradley University of Massachusetts Amherst

Paleoclimate, Climate Extremes                                                                                                                                               Future Climate Scenarios

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Radley Horton Columbia University

Climate Extremes, Risk Assessment,                                                                                                                                      Natural and Built Systems

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Science Researchers

   Michael Rawlins  - University of Massachusetts Amherst

   Affiliated Investigator



 Michael Notaro- University of Wisconsin Madison

 Affiliated Investigator



 Ambarish Karmalkar - University of Massachusetts Amherst

 Postdoctoral Research Associate



 Alex Bryan -University of Massachusetts Amherst 

 Past Climate Assessments and Scenario Planning Postdoctoral Fellow



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