Evaluating Risk and Managing Natural Resources

Science Theme 7:  Decision Frameworks for Evaluating Risk                            and Managing Natural Resources under Climate Change

Consideration of how human social processes and behaviors will be impacted by climate change and contribute additional risks to natural resources will often be important components of decision frameworks and tools. This is largely because depending on their willingness to participate and adopt conservation practices, stakeholder networks can have a significant influence on the success of protective, restorative, and other management actions involving natural resources.


 In this process, special attention is devoted to the decisions that must be made by resource managers and the potential objectives, alternatives, quality of information available, uncertainty, and outcomes that they encounter. The approach recognizes the iterative component of natural resource decision-making and the ability to update decisions in the future.

Methods for Risk Evaluation and Planning 

  •  Vulnerability Assessments
  • Ecosystem-Based-Management 
  • Adaptive Resource Management 
  • Strategic Habitat Conservation
  • Scenario Planning

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 Anthony D'Amato University of Minnesota


  Silviculture, Forest Disturbance,                                                                                                                                                 Temperate and Boreal Forests

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 Frank Thompson University of Missouri Columbia


  Landscape Conservation Design, Forest Management and Succession,                                                                                           Avian Demographics and Population Dynamics

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Science Researchers

  Evan Grant University of Massachusetts Amherst

  Affiliated Investigator



  Melissa Ocana University of Massachusetts Amherst extension service

  Affiliated Investigator



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