Impacts of Climate Variability and Change on Cultural Resources

Science Theme 6: Impacts of Climate Variability and Change on Cultural Resources

Managing cultural services and lands under the impacts of climate change poses a grand challenge to managers who are entrusted to preserve a variety of resources for the education, enjoyment, and livelihood of future generations.


The NE CASC Consortium represents tribal interests and is committed to working with the tribal community to build awareness, increase education, and develop research networks to improve the understanding of how climate change impacts tribes, TEK, and the natural resources they depend on, while preserving and respecting their sacred and intellectual properties.



Key Resources and Developed Products

      The Northeast Indigenous Climate                                                                                   Case Study for U.S. Climate Resilience Toolkit: 

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Chris Caldwell College of Menominee Nation


Tribal Resilience, Applied Research and Outreach,                                                                                                               Cross-cultural and Cross-disciplinary Communication


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 Michelle Staudinger Science Coordinator, DOI Northeast Climate Adaptation Science Center


 Phenology, Adaptation and Conservation Strategies,                                                                                                                        Aquatic and Marine Species Vulnerability and Adaptive Capacity



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Science Researchers

Kristina Stinson -University of Massachusetts Amherst

 Graduate Fellow



Alexander Bryan- University of Massachusetts Amherst

   Past Fellow



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Tribal Liasons


Midwest Tribal Climate Science Liaison 
Northeast and Southeast Tribal Climate Science Liaison