Impacts on Land-use and Land-cover

Science Theme 2: Climate Impacts on Land-use and Land-cover

To date, human activities have been the primary source of land-use and land-cover changes; however, climate change is expected to exacerbate and accelerate impacts on terrestrial, hydrological and climatic regimes, as well as increase the vulnerability of species and cultural resources. Adaptation and mitigation strategies that account for climate change interactions with multiple anthropogenic stressors will be critical to minimize further loss of terrestrial habitats that support important ecosystem services such as primary production, nitrogen and carbon cycling. 

Predicted increases in precipitation and temperature extremes will exacerbate the impacts of many landscape-scale stressors on natural and cultural resources. Management agencies in the NE CASC region have prioritized the development of robust land-use change projections and models to design landscapes that are sustainable in the face of climate and landscape changes.



Key Elements of this Science Theme

  • response of the vegetation communities that constitute diverse natural communities (e.g., forests, shrublands, grasslands)
  • human responses (urban and residential development, agricultural, forestry, wildlife management practices, mining impacts, and bioenergy development)
  • changes in natural disturbance regimes (fire, wind, flood, drought, and insects and disease)

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 Anthony D'Amato University of Minnesota


  Silviculture, Forest Disturbance,                                                                                                                                                 Temperate and Boreal Forests

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 Curtice Griffin University of Massachusetts Amherst


 Ecological Integrity, Ecological Thresholds,                                                                                                                              Ecosystem Risk Management   

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Science Researchers

  Joshua Millspaugh University of Missouri Columbia

  Affiliated Investigator




  Jon Woodruff University of Massachusetts Amherst

  Affiliated Investigator





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