2016 Annual Report Now Available!

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

The Northeast Climate Science Center is proud to present its 2016 annual report.  People, events, research activities, and projects are highlighted.  

Read about our work in understanding climate impacts on phenology, large-scale planning under uncertainty, effect of drought on Northeast species and habitats, and more.  Featured highlights include the National CSC Student Training which brought up to 70 students and early career professionals from across the CSC network to Amherst for a 2-day training and networking extravaganza.   Also highlighted is work we are doing to provide decision-support to National Park Service resources mangers, connecting researchers and stakeholders in a learning network to address the impacts of an invasive species expansion in our region, and research activities for several projects such as:  landscape-scale planning, understanding the effects of drought on ecosystems and species, and advancing our understanding of the impacts of climate change on the timing of life events (phenology).  Check out the work of one of our graduate fellows who examines lake sediment samples to paint a more accurate paleoclimate record of fire and drought and how this can help us prepare for the future. Finally, don't miss the summary of the research expertise of our Consortium faculty and staff, including our Deputy Director who joined us in late 2015. 

We hope that you enjoy these highlights of our year!

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