Comparing Existing Ecological Systems Maps for the Eastern USA

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

On Friday June 13th, 2014, the workshop “Comparing Existing Ecological Systems Maps for the Eastern USA” was held at USFWS in Hadley MA. Co-PIs David Diamond (MoRAP) and Don Faber-Langendoen (NatureServe) led a discussion comparing the approaches, consistency, and challenges of aligning four ecological systems maps, 1) LandFire - Existing Vegetation Type (EVT), 2) The Nature Conservancy (TNC), 3) Southeast GAP (SEGAP), and 4) NatureServe (National Map).

Project: Critically Evaluating Existing Methods and Supporting a Standardization of Terrestrial and Wetland Habitat Classification and Mapping that Includes Characterization of Climate Sensitive Systems

CoPIs: David Diamond (MoRAP, Univ. MO); Don Faber-Langendoen (NatureServe)

Map developers, map users, and natural resource managers came together to identify the different approaches behind producing the maps, legends, and habitat classifications.

The meeting agenda and links to meeting materials can be found here

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