Fellow attends Graduate Climate Conference

Monday, November 3, 2014

Dan Miller, NE CSC Graduate Fellow attended the Graduate Climate Conference to present his poster, "Understanding Extremes: A Multi-Proxy, High Resolution Record of Hurricane, Fire, Flood, and Drought History from Basin Pond, Maine".  In his words,

"The GCC was a really great experience. It was a conference that is put on by grad students for grad students. The students came from all over the world- while most were from universities across the USA, there were students from the UK to the Netherlands to Germany to Australia.  At the conference, there were different sessions of talks over the 2.5 days, ranging from an ecoclimate session to a paleoclimate session to a human impacts session to an atmospheric dynamics session.  Apart from the talks, all those in attendance had to give a poster on their research.  The poster sessions, like the talks, covered a wide range of topics regarding climate change.  It was great getting to meet grad students working on the forefront of climate research from across the world."

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