NE CASC Contributes to Gulf of Maine 2050 Symposium

Sunday, November 24, 2019

The Gulf of Maine 2050 International Symposium took place November 4-8 in Portland, Maine. Sponsored by the Gulf of Maine Research Institute and its partner organizations, the meeting succeeded in bringing together environmental, economic, social and institutional perspectives on climate resilience in the Gulf of Maine. NE CASC researchers contributed to several aspects of the program, which featured more than 50 presentations, workshops, and panel discussions. 

Michelle Staudinger, the Center’s science coordinator, participated in the Scientific Scenario Working Group on Temperature and Circulation and gave the opening plenary talk on Warmig Waters, which summarized observed and projected impacts of changes in ocean temperatures, salinity and circulation on socioecological systems in the region. 

NE CASC fellow Amanda Davis (University of Massachusetts Amherst) gave a poster presentation on how climate change is affecting commercially important seafood species and the role underutilized species may eventually occupy in changing the New England seafood market. Two additional posters, presented by NE CASC fellow Laura Ganley (University of Massachusetts Boston) and affiliated NE CASC researcher Daniel Pendleton (Anderson Cabot Center for Ocean Life at the New England Aquarium) addressed the management implications of changing phenology of large whales in Cape Cod Bay and resulting threats from vessel traffic.

Lastly, Davis, Staudinger and their teammates were awarded one of four Collaborative Action Grants announced at the meeting. Along with collaborators from Our Wicked Fish, Gulf of Maine Research Institute, Eating with the Ecosystem, and the UMass Amherst Gloucester Marine Station, Staudinger and Davis will host a multidisciplinary two-day workshop that will examine how the impacts of climate change are affecting the seafood industry.


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