NE CASC Fellow Nigel Golden Delivers Ambrose Jearld Jr. Lecture on Diversity & Inclusion

Monday, August 10, 2020

Nigel Golden, an NE CASC fellow and a doctoral student in environmental conservation at the University of Massachusetts Amherst, recently presented the 2020 Ambrose Jearld Jr. Lecture on Diversity and Inclusion in Woods Hole, Massachusetts. Golden was chosen for this honor by the Woods Hole Diversity Committee based on his ability "to challenge the status quo by bringing perspective, knowledge and expertise to the subject of building a more diverse and inclusive community." The selection committee is comprised of representatives from the six institutions located in Woods Hole:  

Golden’s lecture, “Reducing Harm: A Politic to Address Institutional and Cultural Practices that Reduce Participation and Retention in STEM," can be viewed here.

His remarks focused on the importance of addressing the cultural and structural barriers to full participation in STEM disciplines by marginalized communities. According to Golden, these barriers are intrinsic to academia as an institution. To dismantle them, he advocates taking an active approach that acknowledges what he terms  “baked-in harm”. Toward this end, Golden's lecture articulated a framework for understanding the foundational issues underlying obstacles to equity and inclusion. Encouraging scientists to think and talk about these issues may, says Golden, help move STEM disciplines from a place of “do no harm” to one of harm reduction.

The Jerald Lecture on Dviersity and Inclusion is named after longtime NOAA Fisheries employee Ambrose Jearld, Jr. to honor his work in making Woods Hole a more diverse, inclusive and welcoming community. Jearld retired from NOAA Fisheries Service in September 2016 after 38 years of service at the Northeast Fisheries Science Center. He concluded his career as the Center's director of academic programs.