The NE CASC is Hiring!

Monday, June 24, 2019

The Northeast Climate Adaptation Science Center is seeking applicants for a full time Communications and Outreach Manager located at the University of Massachusetts Amherst.  The individual selected for this position will be responsible for organizing outreach in line with the mission of the NE CASC.   The primary goals of the NE CASC communications program are to:

  1. Facilitate science communication of NE CASC climate adaptation science, information, assessments, and tools to support management of natural and cultural resources under changing climate conditions; and
  2. Create and share effective communication products that translate NE CASC climate adaptation science and inform the scientific and management community. 

This position provides a great opportunity to work with a wide variety of natural and cultural resource managers within the NE CASC region (Northeast and Midwest United States) and engage scientists from both the NE CASC Academic Consortium and USGS as well as the NE CASC Graduate and Postdoctoral Fellows program. 

Responsibilities include:

  • Communicate with major stakeholders within Department of Interior’s natural resources agencies U.S. Fish & Wildlife, Park Service, USGS), and other federal, state, tribal and non-governmental organizations.  Facilitate communications through webinars, videos, talks, e-news, and web literature.
  • Coordinate planning and logistics of annual meetings, regional meetings, regular webinars, conference calls, and stakeholders meetings; coordinate workshops and interactions between NE CASC stakeholders and Consortium faculty.
  • Author and publish regular e-newsletter; maintain NE CASC website, including news and press releases on NE CASC research.
  • Design charts, graphs, reports, maps, documents, figures, slides and brochures related to climate change science.
  • Develop curriculum and trainings for graduate and postdoctoral researchers on climate science communication.
  • Hire and supervise undergraduate researchers.
  • Represent NE CASC at statewide and national conferences. 
  • Collect data regarding research accessibility, effective science delivery, and outreach analytics in preparation for final grant review; make recommendations for increasing program effectiveness and accomplishment of primary NE CASC objectives. 

Qualifications include:

  • Masters degree preferred in a field of study relevant to climate and/or climate change
  • Background in natural resources management research, management or policy
  • Experience with web content management systems
  • Experience with graphic design tools
  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills, attention to detail, and task management skills

Position is available immediately. Funding for this position is anticipated to be available through July 2024.

To learn more or apply, visit: