NE CASC Newsletter 5.20.19

Monday, May 20, 2019

————NE CASC NEWS———————


Emerald Ash Borer Adaptation Workshop     NE CASC PI Tony D’Amato led a two-day colloquium of partners involved in the Black Ash Consortium and other related organizations.  The workshop, titled “Towards Preservation of a Cultural Keystone Species: Assessing the Future of Black Ash Following Emerald Ash Borer Invasion,” took place on May 7 and 8, 2019 in Burlington, Vermont.  This workshop fostered introductions to build the network and relationships between tribal, university, and federal partners in the context of potential Emerald Ash Borer (EAB) deregulation rules.  Read More >> 


New Publication: It’s About Time      Recorded observations of the timing of plant and animal life cycle events, such as when flowers first bloom or when birds first hatch in the spring, are common in terrestrial systems; however, there is limited understanding of similar events in the oceans. Recognizing this gap in knowledge, Northeast CASC Science Coordinator Michelle Staudinger led a research team in synthesizing the available science on shifts to marine life cycle events in the Gulf of Maine. Read More >> 


Announcing the 2018 Annual Report     2018 saw completion of many NE CASC projects, along with publication of results, development of tools, trainings and workshops to deliver the science to stakeholders around the region. Learn about our Graduate and Postdoctoral Fellows training program and success stories, featured research on invasive species and adaptation strategies, as well as our contributions to the 4th National Climate Assessment.  Read More >> 


The Future of Walleye in Midwest Lakes     A new paper by NE CASC affiliated investigators Gretchen Hansen and Jordan Read presents the first empirical case study of the safe operating space for walleye in the face of climate change. Sustainable harvest decreases as walleye habitat decreases, so managers need to think about habitat as well as population to determine safe harvest. The paper is highly relevant to Wisconsin and Minnesota walleye management. Read More >> 


Project Completed: Early Career Climate Forum     This communications and networking resource includes a list-serve, website with resources, and CASC student and post-doc blogs that connected scientists in training and early career professionals nation-wide.  The final report for the NE CASC project "Early Career Climate Communications and Networking" is now available.  Read More >> 


Save the Date: Tribal Climate Resilience Summit     United South and Eastern Tribes Inc. (USET) will be holding its Climate Resilience Summit August 27-29 at the Turning Stone Resort Casino in Verona, NY on the Oneida Indian Nation. The Summit is an opportunity to connect with Tribal leaders and Tribal environmental and other Tribal program directors/staff to learn of Tribal approaches to climate resilience and priority concerns related to climate change. Read More >> 


Summer at the Northeast Climate Adaptation Science Center     The NE CASC staff and investigators are busy in the field, getting publications off for print, and packaging up their research findings for delivery to natural resources managers in the Northeast and Midwest.  We’ll be taking a break from our usual newsletter schedule and will be in touch again in the Fall.  Have a good summer!  Read More About our Projects Here >>


Recent Publications by the NE CASC 

González, J.E., Ortiz, L., Smith, B.K., Devineni, N., Colle, B., Booth, J.F., Ravindranath, A., Rivera, L., Horton, R., Towey, K. and Kushnir, Y., 2019. New York City Panel on Climate Change 2019 Report Chapter 2: New Methods for Assessing Extreme Temperatures, Heavy Downpours, and Drought. Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences  1439(1), pp.30-70. doi:10.1111/nyas.14007

Hansen, G. J. A., Winslow, L. A., Read, J. S., Treml, M., Schmalz, P. J., and Carpenter, S. R.. 2019. Water clarity and temperature effects on walleye safe harvest: an empirical test of the safe operating space concept. Ecosphere 10( 5):e02737. 10.1002/ecs2.2737

Staudinger, Michelle D., Mills Katherine E., Stamieszkin Karen, Record Nicholas R., Hudak Christine A., Allyn Andrew, Diamond Antony, Friedland Kevin D., Golet Walt, Henderson Meghan Elisabeth, Hernandez Christina M., Huntington Thomas G., Ji Rubao, Johnson Catherine L., Johnson David Samuel, Jordaan Adrian, Kocik John, Li Yun, Liebman Matthew, Nichols Owen C., Pendleton Daniel, R. Richards Anne, Robben Thomas, Thomas Andrew C., Walsh Harvey J.,  Yakola Keenan (2019) It’s about time: A synthesis of changing phenology in the Gulf of Maine ecosystem  Fish Oceanogr.  2019; 00: 1– 34.


Upcoming Presentations by NE CASC           

  • American Ornithological Society, Anchorage, AK June 24, 2019 - June 28, 2019 Mechanisms for species responses to climate change: Are there biological thresholds? 

  • Michelle Staudinger will present on recent research of how phenology is shifting in the Gulf of Maine at Acadia National Park and the Schoodic Institute. Michelle will also participate in a stakeholder workshop being held at the Schoodic Institute. May 20-21.




ComSciCon Conference     The American Institute of Physics is hosting  science communication conference for graduate students, organized by graduate students. ,September 23- 24, College Park, Maryland. Applications are due May 31. Read More >> 

Climate Change Adaptation for Tribes and Tribal Partners     NIACS is partnering with the Bay Mills Indian Community, the Inter Tribal Council of Michigan, and other groups to host an adaptation workshop featuring the new Tribal Adaptation Menu.  June 3-5 - Brimley, MI.  Read More >> 

Climate Adaptation Forum     Sustainable Solutions Lab at UMass Boston presents Disruptive Climate, Disruptive Technologies.  June 7, Boston, MA.  Read More >> 

USET Climate Resilience Summit     Connect with Tribal leaders and Tribal environmental and other Tribal program directors/staff to learn of Tribal approaches to climate resilience and priority concerns related to climate change.  August 27-29, Oneida Indian Nation, Verona, NY.  Read More >> 

Adaptive Silviculture in the Driftless Area     The Sustainable Forests Education Cooperative and UW-Stevens Point are hosting a one-day field tour of different silviculture treatments in the Driftless Area of Minnesota and Wisconsin.  September 5 - Wabasha, MN. Read More >> 

Gulf of Maine 2050 International Symposium     Open for registration, abstracts, and new sponsors.  November 4-8, Portland ME.  Read More >> 

Graduate Climate Conference     November 7-10, 2019 at the Marine Biological Laboratory on the south shores of Cape Cod, MA. Read More >> 



NE CASC Website Resources

            •          Climate Change in the Northeast >> 

            •          Indigenous Peoples and Tribal Partners >>  

            •          NE CASC Tools and Products for Resource Managers >> 

            •          Handouts and Reports >> 


————OTHER NEWS——————

Conifer Strongholds     This project is based on planting a suite of northern conifers in places have three key features: warming less rapidly than the surrounding landscape, geologically and topographically diverse, and connected to natural areas.  Read More >> 

Cost of Climate Change to Michigan     US Senator Gary Peters convened and moderated the event, titled “The Cost of Inaction: The Impacts of Climate Change and the Financial Burden on Taxpayers.” Read More >> 



New Climate Adaptation Science Center Network Website     Along with the new website, we also launched a Project Explorer featuring our regional and national scale science projects from the CASCs. Use the explorer to browse our projects by region and theme, or search our projects by keywords.  Read More >>  

Tribal Climate Adaptation Menu     Developed by a diverse group of collaborators representing tribal, academic, intertribal, and government entities in Minnesota, Wisconsin and Michigan, provides a framework to integrate indigenous and traditional knowledge, culture, language and history into the climate adaptation planning process.  Read More >> 

Climate-Smart Farming     Tools to help farmers adapt to changing conditions.  Read More >> 



Job Opportunity: Communications Director, Advocacy     National Audubon Society. Read More >> 

Job Opportunity:  Science Communicator     AK CASC and the International Arctic Research Center.  Read More >> 

Job Opportunity: Senior Climate Advocate    NRDC. Read More >> 

Job Opportunity: Program Officer for the Environment     The William and Flora Hewlett Foundation.  Read More >> 

Post-doc Opportunity: Climate and Global Dynamics Division at NCAR     Internal and forced components of climate change, including modes of variability, in observational datasets and model simulations. Applications received by May 23, 2019 will receive primary consideration.  Read More >>

Funding Opportunity:  Earthwatch     Field-based research that will begin in 2021.  Deadline for pre-proposal submissions is Sunday, June 9.  Read More >> 

Funding Opportunity: 2019 NextGen Climate Change Grant     $100,000 grant to reduce global warming, whether through direct carbon avoidance, climate communication, climate education, industry engagement, or otherwise. Application Deadline: Friday, July 12. Read More >> 

Early Career Travel Scholarships: Workshop on Correlated Climate Extremes     Explore how certain combinations of extreme climate events, together with societal factors, act to amplify risks and damages. Columbia University.  Read More >> 



Tuesday,  May 21, 6pm ET

OneNOAA Science Seminar Series

Estimating Coral Feeding Habits from Space

Dr. Michael Fox, Postdoctoral Scholar at Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution

To register, visit:


Thursday, May 30, 9:30 am ET

NOAA Eastern Region Climate Services

Heat Health in the Region and in the National Climate Assessment

Greg Wellenius

To register, visit: .


Wednesday, June 5, 2019 5pm ET 

Forest-Climate Working Group Learning Exchange Series

Natural Climate Solutions in New Jersey: Rejoining RGGI and a Case Study of Duke Farms

Michael Catania, Executive Director of Duke Farms

To register, visit: