NE CASC Newsletter 11.7.18

Wednesday, November 7, 2018


————NE CASC NEWS———————


** NEXT WEEK **  NE CASC Brown-Bag Talk on Aquatic Resources      On Wednesday, November 14 at 12pm EST,  Ben Letcher, USGS, will present “Novel Approaches for Estimating and Visualizing Climate Vulnerability for Aquatic Systems.”  He will demonstrate a few existing vulnerability assessments and show examples of ways to visualize vulnerability.  Ben will present from UMass Amherst (Morrill Science Center, room 134).  There will be opportunities to join in discussions and get your questions answered.  The talk will be recorded and posted on our webinars archive.  Read More >> 


Project Completed: Climate Effects on the Culture and Ecology of Sugar Maple     NE CASC affiliated investigator Kristina Stinson of UMass Amherst completed a project focused on the impact of climate on the production of maple syrup. Maple syrup is produced from the sap of sugar maple trees collected in the late winter and early spring. Native American tribes have collected and boiled down sap for centuries, and the tapping of maple trees is a cultural touchstone for many people in the northeast and Midwest. Because the tapping season is dependent on weather conditions, there is concern about the sustainability of maple sugaring as climate changes throughout the region. Read More >>


Welcome New NE CASC Graduate Fellows     Two new UMass students have joined our Center to conduct research on hydrology and coastal processes.  

  • Doug Beach is a Master’s student in geosciences who will be working with Jon Woodruff on the project “Climate change impacts on erosion, mass wasting, and the supply of sediment to tidal wetlands in the Northeast.”  Doug is a western Mass native who, while traveling, was inspired to uncover the secrets of geological process and realized he could pursue a course of research to positively impact people’s lives.   Read More >>
  • Sara Pfeifle is a Master’s student in civil and environmental engineering studying with Richard Palmer, the university director of NE CASC.  Sarah is working on the “Slowing the Flow for Climate Resilience” project.  Also a western Mass native, she was drawn to environmental and water resources engineering because she is dedicated to building a career in which she is part of a solution to environmental concerns.  Read More >> 


Recent Publications by the NE CASC 

Karmalkar, A.V., 2018. Interpreting Results from the NARCCAP and NA-CORDEX Ensembles in the Context of Uncertainty in Regional Climate Change Projections. Bull. Amer. Meteor. Soc., 99, 2093–2106, 

Langley JA, Chapman SK, La Pierre KJ, et al. 2018. Ambient changes exceed treatment effects on plant species abundance in global change experiments. Glob Change Biol. 2018;00:1–12.

Miller, D. R., Habicht, M. H., Keisling, B. A., Castañeda, I. S., and Bradley, R. S.  2018.  A 900-year New England temperature reconstruction from in situ seasonally produced branched glycerol dialkyl glycerol tetraethers (brGDGTs), Clim. Past, 14, 1653-1667 **A Highlight Article for Climate of the Past**

Wigand, C., E. B. Watson, R. Martin, D. S. Johnson, R. S. Warren, A. Hanson, E. Davey, R. Johnson, and L. Deegan. 2018. Discontinuities in soil strength contribute to destabilization of nutrient-enriched creeks  Ecosphere. Vol 9. 


Upcoming Presentations by the NE CASC

  • Chris Caldwell and Olivia LeDee will present at the Minnesota Climate Adaptation Conference, November 14, 2018.
  • Radley Horton and co-authors will present "Con Edison’s Climate Change Vulnerability Study: A Partnership between A Utility, Consulting Firm, and Academic Partnership." AGU, December 13, 2018. 
  • Bethany Bradley will give a presentation on impacts assessments for range shifting species to the Massachusetts Invasive Plant Advisory Group (MIPAG) in December 2018.



Visualizing the Carbon Cycle     The Carbon Brief has created this interactive page to summarize regional climatic changes and their impacts on natural and human systems based on hundreds of papers that went into the IPCC report.  The research is presented in a way to compare impacts at various temperature levels for sea level rise, global ice, precipitation and more.  Read More >> 



Resilient MA Climate Clearinghouse     Website provides access to new statewide climate change projections developed by researchers at NE CASC.  Read More >> 

New Study on Climate Change Impacts on Moose     Mortality assessment of calf moose during successive years of winter tick epizootics in New Hampshire and Maine.  Read More >>  

Temperature and Invasive Fish in the Great Lakes     A new report “Ecological temperature metrics for invasive fishes in Ontario and the Great Lakes Region” is now available.  Read More >>

Visualizing Impacts on Oceans and Fisheries    Online graphics showing change in ocean temperature and resulting impacts on fish ranges and fisheries.  Read More >> 

Southeast New England Watershed Resources    This program addresses urgent and challenging issues that threaten the ecological and economic well-being of coastal and estuarine areas. Read More >>  



Fellowship Opportunity: 2019 Science to Action     Supports graduate students in developing a product that puts science into action, directly applying scientific research related to climate change impacts on fish, wildlife, or ecosystems to decision making about natural resources.  Due January 25, 2019.  Read More >>  

Undergraduate Student Opportunity in France     National Science Foundation-funded International Research Experiences for Students program “Landscapes of Deep Time in the Red Earth of France— Research Training in Paleoclimate.” Due February 1, 2019. Read More >> 

Job Opportunity: Director of State Climate Office of North Carolina     Due January 1, 2019   Read More >> 

Job Opportunity: Executive Director     With the Robert and Patricia Switzer Foundation.  Read More >>  

Job Opportunity: Postdoctoral Research Associate     School of Natural Resources, University of Missouri in collaboration with the Missouri Department of Conservation. Read More >>

Job Opportunities: Two Postdoctoral Associate Positions     Understanding disturbance dynamics: from Trees to Ecoregions with Earth Lab. Apply by November 16th. Read More >> 

Job Opportunity: Associate Professor     Climate science tenure-track assistant/tenured associate professor with the department of geological sciences at the University of Texas at Austin.  Read More >> 

Job Opportunities: Energy and Sustainability    Several job openings with Google in energy and sustainability.  Read More >> 



Wednesday November 7, 2:00pm EST

National Conservation Training Center Conservation Policy Webinar Series

How Can Resource Managers Use Adaptive Capacity to Address Climate Change 

Erik Beever, Evan Grant, Lindsey Thurman, Roger Griffis, Matt Whitbeck and Kevin Kalasz

To register, visit: 


Wednesday November 7,  3pm EST

Forest Climate Working Group Learning Exchange Working Group

Using Big Data to Inform Land Conservation and Park Development that Address Climate Change

Breece Robertson, Fred Gifford and Emmalee Dolfi 

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Tuesday, November 13, 11am PST

Northwest Climate Adaptation Science Center Skills-Building Webinar Series 

Understanding Organizations Using Ethnographic Field Methods 

Alison Meadow, University of Arizona

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Wednesday, November 14, 12pm EST

Northeast Climate Adaptation Science Center Brown-bag Talks

Novel Approaches for Estimating and Visualizing Climate Vulnerability for Aquatic Systems

Ben Letcher, USGS

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Thursday, November 15, 12pm EST

OneNOAA Science Seminar Series

Marine Heatwaves under Global Warming: Discovering Risks for Marine Ecosystems

Thomas Frölicher, University of Bern, Switzerland.

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Thursday, November 15, 11am PST

Northwest Climate Adaptation Science Center

New Tribal Vulnerability Assessment Resources for Northwest and Great Basin Tribes

Meade Krosby, Climate Impacts Group and NW CASC

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Wednesday, November 28,10am EST

Climate Interactive

How to Run the World Climate Simulation

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Wednesday, November 28, 1pm EST

Northeast Climate Adaptation Science Center Featured Presentation

Adapting to Severe Climate Change: Boston and Massachusetts as a Possible Model

David Cash, Sustainable Solutions Lab of UMass Boston

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Thursday, November 29, 12pm EST

OneNOAA Science Seminar Series

Warming Seas, Falling Fortunes - Stories of Fishermen on the Front Lines of Climate Change

Avery Siciliano and Alexandra Carter

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Wednesday, December 5, 3pm EST

Michigan State University

A Practitioner's Menu of Climate Adaptation Strategies and Approaches to Forest Carbon Management

Todd Ontl, Northern Institute of Applied Climate Science

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Tuesday, December 11, 2pm EST

NW Climate Adaptation Science Center

Fall 2018 Skills-building Webinars: Social Science Tools for Making Science Actionable

Alison Meadow, Gigi Owen and Ben McMahan

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Tuesday, December 11, 3pm CST

Nobel Peace Prize Institute

How to Solve the Climate Crisis

Keynote speaker Al Gore

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Wednesday, December 12, 12pm EST

Northeast Climate Adaptation Science Center Brown-bag Talks

Wildlife Adaptation Synthesis 

Olivia LeDee, Acting Federal USGS Director of NE CASC 

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