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Friday, September 16, 2016

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***NEXT WEEK***  Wednesday, September 21, 3:30pm EST

Join us for our first seminar of the new academic year!     Thomas Bonnot, NE CSC Fellow, will be presenting “Integrating dynamic landscape population modeling and structured decision making to guide regional conservation under climate change”.  

The Gulf Coastal Plains and Ozarks Landscape Conservation Cooperative (GCPO) is an important example of regional collaborations across agency and ownership boundaries to conserve sustainable landscapes in the face of global change.  But, their planning is hampered by uncertainty in how species will respond to conservation actions amidst impacts from landscape and climate change, especially when those impacts are also uncertain.  Their efforts are also complicated by the complexities of the planning decisions, including strategic considerations such as the amount, configuration, and condition of habitat needed. How can a management action that is the best for all species be identified when different species will likely have conflicting responses to each action?  To address these difficulties, the University of Missouri, U.S. Forest Service, the Central Hardwoods Joint Venture and the Northeast Climate Science Center have teamed up with the GCPO to pilot a process that combines climate, landscape, and population modeling with Structured Decision Making to overcome uncertainty and reduce the complexity of management decisions.  Read More >>

Assessing the Climate Change Impacts on North America’s First European Settlement     NE CSC climate scientist and postdoctoral fellow, Alex Bryan, assisted Colonial National Historic Park with identifying the climate stressors most relevant to preserving the Park’s historic resources, and provided a suitable set of climate model projections to aid in adaptation planning.  Read More>> 

New Study Points to Sharp Decline in Sub-Freezing Days     Michael Rawlins, Affiliated Investigator with NE CSC and Manager of the Climate Systems Research Center (CSRC) at UMass, Amherst, with Raymond Bradley, NE CSC’s Principal Investigator and Director of the CSRC, have released a study showing a projected decline in the number of days that drop below freezing across North America.  Read More >>  

New Interactive Tool Looking at Rising Temps in Midwestern Lakes     This new decision-support tool and interactive website, “Shifts in fish habitat under climate change”, visually demonstrates new data on lake temperature changes and consequential effects on walleye and largemouth bass populations in Wisconsin. As part of the NE CSC-funded project, "An Integrated Assessment of Lake and Stream Thermal Habitat Under Climate Change", led by NE CSC Affiliated Investigator Jordan Reed of the USGS, this interactive data visualization website makes the results of a new study more accessible to a non-technical audience.  Read More >>

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Great Lakes Adaptation Forum     The line-up of opening day speakers has been announced and includes the NE CSC’s Alex Bryan, Climate Assessments and Scenario Planning Postdoctoral Fellow with USGS.  Alex will deliver a talk at the Forum on how NE CSC brings climate science to partners and stakeholders to make informed decisions toward climate adaptation. October 5-7, Ann Arbor, MI.    Read More >>  

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Wednesday, September 21, 3:30 pm ET

Northeast Climate Science Center

Integrating dynamic landscape population modeling and structured decision making to guide regional conservation under climate change

Thomas Bonnot, NE CSC and University of Missouri

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Thursday, September 22, 3 pm ET

NCCWSC webinar 

A Framework for Evaluating the Vulnerability of Multiple Wildlife Species to Climate Change at Regional Scales

Meryl Mims, USGS

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Wednesday, October 5, 3:30 pm ET

Northeast Climate Science Center

The future fate of the Greenland and Antarctic Ice Sheets and implications for New England

Robert DeConto, UMass Amherst

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Wednesday, October 12, 3:30pm ET

Northeast Climate Science Center

FishTail: a decision support tool for assessing the conservation status of stream fish habitats in the NE CSC region

Wesley M. Daniel, Michigan State University, Nick Sievert, University of Missouri & Jana Stewart, USGS/Wisconsin Water Science Center

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