New Publication: Developing a Decision-Support Process for Landscape Conservation Design

Thursday, October 31, 2019

NE CASC PIs Thomas Bonnot and Frank Thompson have worked with a wide range of partners to complete a new report that facilitates planning for sustainable landscapes. Their publication, Developing a decision-support process for landscape conservation design, accomplishes this goal by integrating dynamic-landscape metapopulation models (DLMPS) and structured decision making (SDM).

The team worked with U.S Fish and Wildlife Service, USGS Midwest Science Center, and three state wildlife agencies to provide the science needed to evaluate climate adaption scenarios.  Through workshops and webinars, this group identified focal species of concern and a range of climate adaption land management options; developed species habitat and population models; and assessed species potential responses to management options under 3 alternative climate scenarios.

With the development of this framework, the team demonstrated that planning for viable populations across broad scales can be achieved under global change. The process enabled decisions to be more objective and transparent, and thus, more defensible. This framework has the potential to overcome many of the uncertainties and complexities that are inherent in the process of long-term, large-scale conservation planning.

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