Understanding Translational Invasion Ecology: NE CASC Organizes Session at ESA

Friday, August 28, 2020
Water Chestnuts

Connecting research and practice is a challenge within all fields, and invasion ecology is no different. Translational Invasion Ecology (TIE) provides a framework that fosters the development and application of actionable science to one of the world’s top environmental challenges.

To familiarize the invasive species community with this framework, NE CASC researchers Bethany Bradley and Toni Lyn Morelli organized a session on Translational Invasion Ecology (TIE) at the recent annual meeting of the Ecological Society of America. Defining key features of the TIE paradigm, the session also provided key examples of how researchers and resource managers are successfully collaborating to improve the management of invasive species.

Bradley and Morelli are leaders of the NE CASC Regional Invasive Species and Climate Change Management project (RISCC), and they have posted talks from the ESA session on the RISCC website. Click here to view the session recordings. 

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