Corey Lesk

Past NE CASC Fellow
Ph.D. Candidate

Consortium Institution: 

Columbia University


Department of Earth and Environmental Science


B.S.: Earth system science, McGill University, 2015


Research assistant, Columbia Center for Climate Systems Research, 2015-2017

Research Interests: 

Corey’s research uses diverse data and techniques to examine how extreme weather affects agricultural and natural ecosystems. He also seeks to identify risks posed by changing climatology of extreme events and paths towards adaptation. He has also developed tailored climate projection datasets to inform adaptation in conservation and development and has led climate science and adaptation trainings for a range of audiences.

Recent Publications

•    Lesk, C., Coffel, E., D’Amato, A. W., Dodds, K., & Horton, R. (2017). Threats to North American forests from southern pine beetle with warming winters. Nature Climate Change.
•    Lesk, C., Rowhani, P., & Ramankutty, N. (2016). Influence of extreme weather disasters on global crop production. Nature, 529(7584), 84-87.