Matthew Clement

Past NE CASC Fellow
Postdoctoral Ecologist


Patuxent Wildlife Research Center
USGS Mendenhall Fellow


Ph.D.: Forest Resource Management, University of Georgia, Athens, GA, 2011


Research Assistant, 2006-2010, University of Georgia
Research Biologist, 2010-2103, WEST, Inc.
Postdoctoral Ecologist, 2013-present, Patuxent Wildlife Research Center

Research Interests: 

My work has focused on factors affecting the presence and abundance of bats and birds. A particular emphasis has been on improving statistical methods for estimating presence and abundance in the face of false negative and false positive detections. Because climate change can affect the distribution of bats and birds through direct and indirect effects, including insects, vegetation, and disease, it is an important component of my research. Currently, I am using BBS (Breeding Bird Survey) data to investigate the role of climate change in the range dynamics of breeding birds in the United States, while accounting for imperfect detection during point counts.    

Matthew now works as a Biometrician with the Arizona Game and Fish Department.

Recent Publications

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