Toni Lyn Morelli

Research Ecologist, Northeast Climate Science Center

Consortium Institution: 

University of Massachusetts


Northeast Climate Science Center


Ph.D.: Ecology and Evolution, Stony Brook University, Stony Brook, NY, 2008
B.S.: Zoology, Michigan State University, East Lansing, MI


Research Interests: 

After her Ph.D., Toni Lyn Morelli obtained a National Science Foundation Bioinformatics Postdoctoral Fellowship, collaborating with Steve Beissinger and Craig Moritz on an extension of the Grinnell Resurvey Project; she continues these collaborations examining climate refugia under funding she obtained from the California Landscape Conservation Cooperative. She has also worked for the U.S. Forest Service, both as a research ecologist at the Pacific Southwest Research Station and as the Technical Advisor to the Democratic Republic of Congo.

In her role as USGS Research Ecologist for the NE CSC, Toni Lyn uses geospatial analysis, species distribution modeling, occupancy modeling, and population and landscape genetics techniques to facilitate natural resource management and habitat and species conservation in the face of climate and land use change.  Currently she is investigating how climate change is affecting boreal communities in the northeastern United States.

If you want to know more about Toni Lyn's previous research, including her work with lemurs, follow this link to a comic of her research.

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Recent Publications

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Balancing research and service to decision makers, Littell, Jeremy S., Terando Adam J., and Morelli T. L. , Frontiers in Ecology and the Environment, Jan-12-2017, Volume 15, Issue 10, p.598 - 598, (2017)