NE CASC Projects

The following projects are funded by the NE CASC.

Project Leader Title Status
Richard Palmer, Raymond Bradley, Robert M. DeConto Massachusetts Climate Change Projections

The Massachusetts Climate Change Projections - Statewide and for Major Drainage Basins:  ...

Raymond Bradley Fire history from lake sediments, & future fire vulnerability scenarios

Major forest fires are relatively uncommon in the northeastern United States, but due to the...

Raymond Bradley Snowfall changes in future climate scenarios

Changes of snow occurrence across the central and eastern United...

Raymond Bradley Elevation-dependent climate changes in mountain regions

Mountain regions constrain ecological responses to climate change.  Understanding how future...

Raymond Bradley Assessment of paleoclimate resources for studies of climate extremes

This project focused on compiling existing paleo-limnological data from lakes throughout the...

Raymond Bradley Circulation patterns associated with climate extremes

The variability of winter precipitation over the northeastern United States and the...

Raymond Bradley Downscaling of GCM output; studies of climate extremes

A statistical downscaling method (bias-correction and spatial disaggregation: BCSD) is applied...

Raymond Bradley Multi-model regional model simulations for future climate scenarios

General circulation models and high resolution regional climate models (RCMs) are being used to...

Raymond Bradley Assessment of regional climate model simulation estimates over the northeast United States

We used outputs from an ensemble of regional climate models (RCMs) participating in the North...

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