NE CASC Projects

The following projects are funded by the NE CASC.

Project Leader Title Status
Chris Caldwell Indigenous Planning Summer Institute

The purpose of the Indigenous Planning Summer Institute (IPSI) is to introduce concepts of...

Chris Caldwell Supporting Collaborative Relationships between Tribes and Climate Science in the Northeast Region to Address Climate Impacts
All peoples have a right to make meaningful plans for their future. For many Tribes in the...
Chris Caldwell Tribal Colleges and Universities: TCU Engagement with Tribal Communities on Climate Change Issues

This project is focused on the specific actions of CMNSDI as part of the CMN Campus and...

Chris Caldwell Shifting Seasons: Tribal Climate Adaptation Training with Northeastern Tribes

College of Menominee Nation (CMN) Sustainable Development Institute hosted a Shifting Seasons...

Chris Caldwell Collaboration in Action: Using the Menominee Model of Sustainability to Assess, Plan, and Build Capacity for Tribal Communities to Address Climate Change in the Northeast Climate Science Center Region

This project seeks to implement the recommendations included in Science Theme 6: "Impacts of...

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