Climate Assessments and Scenario Planning (CLASP)

Research Partners: 
Raymond Bradley (UMass Amherst); Ambarish Karmalkar; Liang Ning (UMass Amherst); Ethan Coffel (Columbia University); Radley Horton (Columbia University); Michael Rawlins (UMass Amherst); Michelle Staudinger (UMass Amherst); Toni Lyn Morelli (UMass Amherst) Alexander Bryan ((UMass Amherst),
Science Themes: 

This project aims to compile, synthesize, and communicate tailored climate change information to NE CSC stakeholders, including Landscape Conservation Cooperatives (LCC), state and federal agencies, and tribal communities. Our mission is to make climate science actionable by getting to know our stakeholders and the decisions they face, and delivering climate information that is directly relevant to their decisions and priorities. First and foremost, our project team serves as a resource to answer individual inquiries related to climate model projections in order to aid climate change adaptation. Additionally, our team is contributing to the development of a synthesis document to help the Midwest and Northeast states prepare their threatened wildlife for climate change through their State Wildlife Action Plans (SWAP). Upcoming efforts include assisting tribal communities prepare their landscapes and economies for future climate, as well as helping urban planners in D.C. adapt and adjust their infrastructure for the future.  Many resource managers need information about how the climate is changing and the uncertainties in the climate model projections, as they relate to the resources they manage, to aid them in climate change adaptation planning.

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