Evaluation of forest adaption scencarios for the Central Hardwood and Gulf Coastal Plains and Ozark Regions

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William Dijak, USDA Forest Service Northern Research Station; Hong He, Professor, Department of Forestry, University of Missouri.
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We worked with stakeholders to develop a series of climate change adaptation management strategies for forests in the Central Hardwoods and Gulf Coastal Plains and Ozarks region. Strategies focused on resistance, resilience, or transition of forests under climate change and vary the types of silvicultural practices considered and where and how much each practice occurs. We implemented strategies in a forest landscape-modeling framework and demonstrated the consequences of these alternative strategies on forest composition and structure in the region. The goal was to provide a large-scale perspective on the potential of forest adaptation strategies to address impacts of climate change on forests.

  • Butler-Leopold, Patricia R.; Iverson, Louis R.; Thompson, Frank R., III; Brandt, Leslie A.; Handler, Stephen D.; Janowiak, Maria K.; Shannon, P. Danielle; Swanston, Christopher W.; Bearer, Scott; Bryan, Alexander M.; Clark, Kenneth L.; Czarnecki, Greg; DeSenze, Philip; Dijak, William D.; Fraser, Jacob S.; Gugger, Paul F.; Hille, Andrea; Hynicka, Justin; Jantz, Claire A.; Kelly, Matthew C.; Krause, Katrina M.; La Puma, Inga Parker; Landau, Deborah; Lathrop, Richard G.; Leites, Laura P.; Madlinger, Evan; Matthews, Stephen N.; Ozbay, Gulnihal; Peters, Matthew P.; Prasad, Anantha; Schmit, David A.; Shephard, Collin; Shirer, Rebecca; Skowronski, Nicholas S.; Steele, Al; Stout, Susan; Thomas-Van Gundy, Melissa; Thompson, John; Turcotte, Richard M.; Weinstein, David A.; Yáñez, Alfonso. (2018), Mid-Atlantic forest ecosystem vulnerability assessment and synthesis: a report from the Mid-Atlantic Climate Change Response Framework project. Gen. Tech. Rep. NRS-181. Newtown Square, PA: U.S. Department of Agriculture, Forest Service, Northern Research Station. 294 p. DOI 10.2737/NRS-GTR-181