Science to Inform Management of Floodplain Conservation Lands under Non-Stationary Conditions

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Craig Paukert (University of Missouri - USGS Cooperative Research); Kenneth Lubinski (USGS Upper Midwest Environmental Research)
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Recent extreme floods on the Mississippi and Missouri Rivers (1993, 1995, 1997, 2007, 2010, and 2011) have motivated expansion of floodplain conservation lands. Within the state of Missouri, for example, there are more than 85,000 acres of State and Federally owned conservation lands in large-river floodplains. Floodplain lands are highly dynamic and challenging to manage. Variable exchanges of water, sediment, nutrients, and carbon between the river and the floodplain result in a diverse, productive, and ever-changing mosaics of habitat patches. In addition to conservation benefits, these lands have the potential to provide valuable ecosystem services like habitats, nutrient processing, carbon sequestration, and flood-water storage that produce economic values in terms of recreational spending, improved water quality, and decreased flood hazards. As hydrologic conditions in upstream watersheds vary due to climate change, land-use change, and changes in reservoir management – so-called non-stationary conditions – management challenges are compounded. Managers face questions about how decisions made today – such as which lands to acquire, design of vegetation restorations, decisions to invest in water-management infrastructure – will be affected by the hydroclimatic conditions of the future.  The objective of this project is to formalize understanding of information needs for management of floodplain conservation lands so the right information is available at the right time.

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