A stream temperature inventory network and decision support metadata mapper - evaluating the resources to understanding climate change effects on streams in New england and the Great Lake's states

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Marcus C Waldron (USGS Massachusetts Water Science Center), David S Armstrong (USGS Massachusetts Water Science Center), Jim McKenna (USGS Great Lakes Science Center), Dana Infante (Michigan State University), Kevin Wehrly (Institute for Fisheries Research, Michigan Department of Natural Resources)
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Stream data for the northeastern U.S. are needed to enable managers to understand baseline conditions, historic trends, and future projections of the impacts of climate change on stream temperature and flow, and in turn on aquatic species in freshwater ecosystems. This project developed a coordinated, multi-agency regional stream temperature framework and database for New England (ME, VT, NH, CT, RI, MA) and the Great Lakes States (MN, WI, IL, MI, IN, OH, PA, NY) by building a community around the efforts of this study. These efforts included 1) compiling metadata about existing or historic stream temperature monitoring locations and networks, 2) developing a web-based decision-support mapping system to display, integrate, and share the collected information, and 3) developing data system capabilities that integrate stream temperature data from several data sources.

This project rolled into the "NorEaST: A Stream Temperature Inventory Network and Decision Support Metadata Mapper" project.  Please see that project page for more information.  


  • Dec 9th - 12, 2012 - Midwest Fish and Wildlife Conference, Oral Presentation, Yin-Phan Tsang,  “A Stream Temperature Inventory Network and Decision Support Metadata Mapper for North East U.S."
  • March 14th, 2013 - North Atlantic Landscape Conservation Cooperative (NALCC) meeting - Integrating Stream Science Efforts across the North Atlantic and Appalachian LCC Regions, Jana Stewart, "Stream Temperature Inventory Mapper and Data Portal"
  • Sept 9th - 12, 2013 - American Fisheries Society, Oral Presentation, Jana Stewart (presented by Yin-Phan Tsang),  "A Stream Temperature Inventory Network and Decision Support Metadata Mapper for North East U.S."

Check out the NorEast Stream Temperature Mapper to view a growing number of stream temperature locations across the NE CSC region.

Some of the current Mapper functionality includes:

  • Basemaps: Change basemaps (streets, imagery, topo maps)
  • Available Layers: Turn on and off layers
  • Navigation:  Zoom -- pan
  • Pop-Ups:  Click on point - get information about location(s) (or multiple sites within a certain tolerance distance).  Zoom to location from Pop-up.  Link to USGS NWIS system for USGS sites
  • Search:  type place name; searches basemap (not sample location) to take you to that place