NE CASC Tools and Products for Resource Managers

The NE CASC works hard delivering science to help fish, wildlife, water, land, and people adapt to a changing climate. 

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Regional Managers


Regional Effort on Invasive Species and Climate Change (RISCC) Management

A website built to connect climate and invasive species scientists with invasive species managers and policy makers from the northeast to promote a two-way dialogue. 

Regional Effort on Invasive Species and Climate Change (RISCC) Management 

Resilient MA: Climate Change Clearinghouse for the Commonweath                                                            

A website built to provide the most up-to-date climate change science and decision-support tools for the Commonwealth.

Massachusetts Climate Change Projections

Climate System Research Center 

A website built to provide an assessment of how will the climate of a given state change by the time the annual mean global temperature set levels

Multi-model regional model simulations for future climate scenarios 

Designing Sustainable Landscapes Datasets 

A tool assessing the capability of current and potential future landscapes, currently within the extent of the Northeast (13 states), to support ecosystems and suitable habitat for a suite of representative wildlife species, and provide guidance for strategic habitat conservation.

Designing Sustainable Landscapes 

Website: Designing sustainable landscapes project

Webiste built  to assess the capability of current and potential future landscapes, currently within the extent of the Northeast United States (13 states), to provide integral ecosystems and suitable habitat for a suite of focal (e.g., representative) species, and provide guidance for strategic habitat conservation. 

Designing Sustainable Landscapes 

DSL in Connect the Connecticut 

A network of priority lands and waters that can support wildlife and natural systems, with multiple pathways for migration, restoration, development, and conservation.

Designing Sustainable Landscapes 

DSL in Nature's Network

A collaborative effort facilitated by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Science Applications program that brings together partners from 13 states, federal agencies, nongovernmental organizations, and universities to identify the best opportunities for conserving and connecting intact habitats and ecosystems and supporting imperiled species to help ensure the future of fish and wildlife across the Northeast region.

Designing Sustainable Landscapes 

Early Career Climate Forum  

A website designed to provide a space for those for early career professionals and students engaged in the climate-related science and outreach to interact, discuss topics and find climate-relevant resources.

Early Career Climate Communications and Networking 

Tribal Managers                                                                                                                                                                 Return to top

The Northeast Indigenous Climate Resilence Network 

A website built to convene Indigenous Peoples to identify threats to Indigenous self-determination and the ways of life and formunlate strategies, dialogs and educational programs that build Indigenous capacities to address climate-related issues. 

Collaboration in Action: Using the Menominee Model of Sustainability to Assess, Plan, and Build Capacity

Tribal Adaptation Menu

The Tribal Adaptation Menu is an extensive collection of climate change adaptation actions for natural resource management, organized into tiers of general and more specific ideas. 

Tribal Colleges and Universities: TCU Engagement with Tribal Communities on Climate Change Issues 

Case Study for U.S. Climate Resilience Toolkit: Building Tribal Capacity

A website to highlinght case-studies of communities, businesses, and individuals actions to document their vulnerabilities and build resilience to climate-related impacts.

Tribal Colleges and Universities: TCU Engagement with Tribal Communities on Climate Change Issues 

Watershed Managers                                                                                                                                                        Return to top

US Climate Resilence ToolKit     

A tool that allows communities to assess their vulnerability to extreme rainfall and identifies vulnerabilities and helps communities see options for how they can build resilience.

Assessing vulnerability through storm transposition

NorEaST: Stream Temperature Data Inventory   

A website developed to serve as a coordinated, multi-agency regional framework to map and store continuous stream temperature locations and data for New England, Mid Atlantic, and Great Lakes States.

NorEaST – Stream Temperature Web Portal Demonstration and Application 

Making Decisions for Headwater Stream Conservation at the Watershed Scale 

A webiste to help identify the impediments to effective headwater stream conservation and explore how alternative forms of collaboration may influence ecological outcomes.

Making decisions in complex landscapes: headwater stream management across multiple agencies 

Interactive Catchment Explorer (ICE) 

ICE is a dynamic visualization interface for exploring characteristics and predictions created for resource managers to explore complex environmental datasets and model results, to identify patterns related to ecological conditions, and to prioritize locations for restoration or further study.

Making decisions in complex landscapes: headwater stream management across multiple agencies 

Spatial Hydro-Ecological Decision Systems (SHEDS)   

SHEDS is a collection of innovative data visualization and decision support tools for exploring and better understanding dynamic relationships in stream ecosystems.

Decision-support for headwater stream habitats

Specialized Tools

NE CASC partners with regional managers to develop tools specific to their needs. Two examples are a STELLA web tool model of the City of Baltimore water and a SRB OASIS Model: Operations & Planning Tool for the Greater Susquehanna River Basin.


Determining the Skill and Value of Incorporating Streamflow Forecasts into an Early Drought Detection System 

Coastal Managers                                                                                                                                                              Return to top

Sea Level Rise Viewer

 A web mapping tool to visualize community-level impacts from coastal flooding or sea level rise (up to 10 feet above average high tides). Photo simulations of how future flooding might impact local landmarks are also provided, as well as data related to water depth, connectivity, flood frequency, socio-economic vulnerability, wetland loss and migration, and mapping confidence.

Impacts of sea-level rise on ecosystems 

Integrative Tool to Estimate Potential Future Sea-Levels for Consideration in Sandy Recovery 

A web tool to assist in developing information to support its sea-level change policy, which supports the USACE overarching climate change adaptation policy. 

Impacts of sea-level rise on ecosystems 

Threshold Table for Coastal Species and Habitats  

Synthesizing sea-level rise and storm-threshold data for 44 fish, wildlife, and plant species of conservation concern, as well as for four coastal habitats, the new species threshold table formatted to give stakeholders insight on decisions and tradeoffs.

Critical thresholds and ecosystem services for coastal ecological and human climate adaptation

Coastal Resilience Resource List  

An inventory of the work being undertaken to address coastal resilience issues in the Atlantic, Gulf Coast, and Caribbean regions.

Critical thresholds and ecosystem services for coastal ecological and human climate adaptation

Wildlife Managers                                                                                                                                                                Return to top

Terrestrial Habitat Map for the Northeast US and Atlantic Canada

A comprehensive map of combined resources to enable the first cross-border map of terrestrial habitats.

Extending the Northeast Terrestrial Habitat Map to Atlantic Canada

Massachusetts Wildlife Climate Action Tool   

A website designed to inform and inspire local action to protect the Commonwealth’s natural resources in a changing climate. It was developed for local decision-makers, conservation practitioners, large landowners, and community leaders across the state. 

Massachusetts Fish and Wildlife Climate Action Tool 

Climate Refugia 

A website built to identify the most important resource management priorities related to refugia in the Northwest and Northeast, summarize and synthesize the available refugia research and research products and identify future research priorities and products and help resource managers incorporate refugia concepts into their management plans.

Conservation of Climate Change Refugia

Fisheries Managers                                                                                                                                                              Return to top


A Decisions Support Mapper for Conserving Stream Fish Habitats of the Region


A Decisions Support Mapper for Conserving Stream Fish Habitats of the NE CASC Region 

Climate Change and Freshwater Fish   

A website developed to understand recent trends and anticipating future changes can help decision-makers protect resilient populations, adapt to new conditions, and effectively communicate realistic expectations.

An Integrated Assessment of Lake and Stream Thermal Habitat Under Climate Change 

Website: The Eastern Brook Trout Spatial Data and Tools 

Interactive GIS map featuring data layers (Brook Trout status and habitat patches) and tools (riparian prioritization, drainage area calculator) developed and endorsed by the EBTJV.

Decision-support for headwater stream habitats 

Forestry Managers                                                                                                                                                               Return to top

Web-based Silviculture Library 

This site is designed to help forest managers from Michigan, Minnesota, Ontario, and Wisconsin exchange silviculture prescriptions, including the outcomes of actual on-the-ground management activities. The cases linked below are real, on-the-ground stories submitted by Lakes States natural resource managers.

Great Lakes Silviculture Prescription Library 

Increasing Forest Resiliency for an Uncertain Future  

A guidance report for forest managers that will help develop ahead with proactive actions.

Effects of climate, disturbance, and management on the growth and dynamics of forest ecosystems

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