Tribal Climate Science and Adaptation in the Midwest and Northeast

Wednesday, October 24, 2018 - 12:00pm
Eastern Standard Time
Webinar Location: 
134 Morrill Science Center II, UMass Amherst (or join online)

Sara Smith, Midwest Tribal Resilience Liaison, and Casey Thornbrugh, Northeast and Southeast Tribal Climate Science Liaison, will talk about the current initiatives in tribal climate science and adaptation in our region.

The CASCs worked with the Bureau of Indian Affairs to hire Tribal Resilience Liaisons who provide another avenue for communication, engagement, and research between Indigenous peoples and the CASCs. These Liaisons are dedicated to increasing CASC engagement with Tribal nations, Tribal consortia, and Tribal organizations so that the CASCs can further understand and meet their information needs. Meet the Tribal Liaisons for the NE CASC and learn about some of their recent activities.

Casey Thornbrugh, Northeast and Southeast CASCs
Casey Thornbrugh is a citizen of the Mashpee Wampanoag Tribe and is employed by the United South and Eastern Tribes (USET) as the Tribal Resilience Liaison for the Northeast and Southeast CASCs. Based out of the Northeast CASC at UMass-Amherst, he provides current climate science information to Tribal Nations on the East Coast and in Gulf Coast states, as well as identifies climate research needs and priorities, and provides climate adaptation planning support for the Tribes. Casey participates in a national workgroup of Tribal organizations, Tribal colleges, and other partners to address policy and resource issues associated with Tribal climate resilience.  A current focal point of Casey’s work is assisting Tribal nations to complete climate adaptation plans, and assembling Tribes and researchers to find solutions to pressing climate adaptation science challenges.

Sara Smith, Northeast CASC (Midwest)
Sara Smith is employed as the Tribal Resilience Liaison for the Midwest by the College of Menominee Nation and stationed in St. Paul, MN. Sara is a direct descendant of the Oneida Nation of Wisconsin. Her experience is in research and development, natural resources, ecology, Traditional Ecological Knowledge, and working with indigenous communities in the Midwest. One project Sara has been working on is the creation of a Tribal Adaptation Menu. This project is a collaborative effort among various organizations (Tribal & non-Tribal) and Tribes in the Midwest region with the goal of creating a menu of adaptation strategies for natural resources with Indigenous perspectives, values, and knowledges. She also contributes to the Northeast Indigenous Climate Resilience Network. This website is meant to provide the latest tools and resources for Tribal resilience work in the Northeast for Indigenous peoples and scientists(